Thursday, July 3, 2014

What's really true?

Jed McKenna of the Enlightenment Trilogy keeps insisting on the technique of Spiritual Autolysis as a means of getting to TRUTH by writing only what's true. After a three year hiatus from this blog, I am now convinced that no belief is true. So the question now is—what's left?

Supposedly, I am writing this to a public, putting it out there for the whole world to see—considering, there is a public and the world. It feels like something. But what is it? There's tension where my body is. There is no tension where the birds are. There's sound there. But where's there? Don't I hear it here? If it was there, I wouldn't hear it.

I got hungry, so I made myself coffee to have with some cheese. Is the hunger real or is it just another belief? I know that my upcoming trip to Mammoth Lakes is not real simply because it's not happening right now. My writing and thinking about it is happening right now, but that's all. If I actually think I'm going to Mammoth, I'm deluded.

I take a bite of the cheese and then a sip of my coffee. That's a very real experience. I taste the salty of the cheese, the smooth finish of the coffee as it warms my belly sending happy endorphins to my brain that's now saying—"That's what I'm talking about. Give me some more of that"—all the while living and breathing the question—WHAT IN GOD'S NAME IS TRUE?

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