Friday, June 26, 2015

The Lie of Content

Liberation: No preferences, not giving a shit, free of the tyranny and the lie of “content.” – Peter Brown, "I Think That's What He Said" (

I find that without the content or my story of the situation, things are just happening. There is no attachment to what's happening nor to the results. As my teacher, Peter Brown, puts it, "I am the field of experience." 

Many layers have been shed already and now I can see the layers that lie beneath, the more painful, buried ones. However, I am seeing that these seemingly unconquerable sensations are still just that—sensations. They are happening within this field that I am and the only reason they feel like contractions and not expansions is due to my holding them to be something. I am supplying some kind of meaning to them—"ouch, it hurts; this shouldn't be." If I believe that they shouldn't be, then I'm going to try and get rid of them, mask them or run away from them. What if I just STOP. 

I stop for a moment and don't fight the sensations nor go to the content/story to try and explain why I feel the way I feel. 

I feel sore around the heart center, but there is no suffering. It's just a sensation. At first, scary and unmanageable, but in a mere moment becomes a neutral sensation. And I am once again the field of experience. 

I'm seeing that the situation appears, the same way my thoughts about it appear—as an experience in my field and not who I am. Upon a closer look, I see that there's no causality between the situation and my thoughts about it. All content is a lie. The content is only real as itself—as content—and nothing more. 

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