Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Handshake with Life

As of Now...

What do I really want out of Life?

I want Life to work through me. To me, that means that I don't get caught up in "trying to figure it out," but rather surrender to LIfe by staying present and see what action arises out of that.

What's my current situation?

I am not decided in my career or rather there are a couple of things that I want to pursue and am not sure how to go about it. I've been pursuing creative writing for about five years now. I've started and finished several ideas, some I tossed and some I did not finish. I allowed fear and/or doubt to come in the way and through that somehow convinced myself that I should forget about creative writing all together and just concentrate on my other passion, which is to teach or coach inner peace, which is something I'd do for free any place, any time. All the while I continue getting inspired about all these ideas for stories, "how to guides," and sometimes unrelated business ventures. And that's when anxiety arises. What should I do? Which one should I choose? What should I be working on currently?

Hence, I would like to surrender all trying and allow Life to guide me. But in order for Life to guide me, I need to make sure that I have a good relationship with Life.

As in any new relationship, it's important to shake hands first. My intention this week is to shake hands with Life and say, "Hey, I'm here. I'm ready to start a healthy relationship with you."

What does it mean to have a healthy relationship with Life?

To me, it means that I do not resist whatever happens. Let's say I made a commitment to research life coaching, but when I sit down at the computer, I feel inspired to write instead, I'm going to go with the inspiration and write. And the reason for that is because I'm surrendering to Life and that is obviously what it wants to do through me at this moment.

What kind of a person do I really want to be in this situation?

I want to be at peace with whatever I choose in the moment. I don't want to second guess every move I make. In order to do that, I vow to make that choice every time anxiety, fear, or doubt arises.

How can you join me in creating me this week?

First of all, by shaking hands with Life, I'm also shaking hands with you and visa versa. And second of all, you can join me in not resisting whatever happens this week.

Together we can remind ourselves "Just for this week, I won't resist what happens."

Next week, I'll check in and see what happens.

Thank you.

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