Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Unlinear Path

Checking in...

It's been almost a month since my last post and the reason for that is because I've been all over the place. I've been sort of going with where the wind blows. How's that for alliteration? Within the past month, meditation has become a daily practice for me. I'm more relaxed and not as concerned about what I "should be" doing. I've been doing whatever arose in me on any particular day. If I felt like writing one day, then that's what I did. If I felt like spending a day hiking, then that's what I did. You might wonder how does one get anything completed by doing that? Surprisingly, things tend to unfold very naturally once we align ourselves with our most genuine desires. I met with a Reiki master recently and she reaffirmed what has been becoming very clear for me lately and that is... life is NOT linear. And this is not some grand discovery. Many scientists and spiritual teachers have known it as a fact for thousands of years.

We are used to living our lives from point A to point B. First comes this and then comes that. I'm not saying that we can't survive by doing just that all of our lives; however, living that way takes a lot of freedom and creativity out of the equation. Besides, it's very hard to create the kind of a life we really want by not going with the flow of life. It's literally there to help us out and guide us in whichever direction is more harmonious for us in any given situation.

What kind of a life do I really want?

I want to live harmoniously with Life itself. I want to be the tool that LIfe uses to build castles. In order for that happen, I have to completely surrender to Life and trust that whatever I choose to do is the only possible thing to do in any given moment. For me, the problem arises when I start to second-guess myself. And usually second-guessing never actually resolves a problem; rather, it creates anxiety. Things still tend to work out whether I second-guess or not. Then, why do it?

My intention this week is to follow the unlinear path with no regret or second-guessing.

What kind of a person would I be when I stop regretting and second-guessing my choices?

I would be relaxed and joyous. I would also take accountability for my choices and still feel "in trust" with my highest self. I already know that life is not linear and that even if I don't see the fruits of my labor today, it just means that they're growing and developing into what they want to be.

How's following the unlinear path align with the whole?

I am becoming more aware of the whole when I live in this way. Living in harmony with Life means that I don't get in anybody's way. Essentially, we are all one and so it is impossible to get in each other's way. And even as separate entities part of a whole we can live with each other without taking anything away from the other person. Me, living unlinearly, puts me in the right place and time and hence, in the right place and time with the whole.

Join me in following the unlinear path with no regret or doubt.

Thank you.

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