Thursday, December 3, 2015

Where are you going?

Where are you going?

Everything comes to you. Try and stop what comes to you. Try and escape what comes to you. You can pretend that it’s not here. You can pretend that you had something to do with things showing up the way they do with such precision, with its particular colors and flavors and moods. But it won’t make it true.

Then why not stay here and enjoy what comes.

“I don’t like what’s showing up right now. I wish I felt different. How do I make myself feel good all the time so that I never have to experience anything unpleasant?”

These thoughts are entertained under the assumption that you had something to do with these feelings, perceptions, and thoughts showing up the way they did. If only you thought different things, than these unpleasantries wouldn’t show up, right? 


They showed up. That’s all. The rain shows up. The clear blue sky shows up. We don’t question them showing up whenever they wish, then why do we insist that our moods, feelings, and thoughts are conjured up by us? 

“What do I do then when unpleasantries show up?”

 The same thing you’d do when the rain shows up. You watch it out the window. You use an umbrella when appropriate. You don’t mind it any business and continue sipping on your chai latte. Basically, you move on with your life while these feelings move on with theirs. They only linger when you try to solve their existence. 

Just as you wouldn’t try and solve the rain’s existence,  don’t try and solve the existence of your internal weather.

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