Friday, April 15, 2016

Daily Meditations

Use every bit of an already given experience as a practice—every feeling, every situation, every reaction, every opportunity to notice that you’re here. If you’re drawn to go there, go there. If you’re drawn to stay here, stay here. If meditation calls to you, do that. If hiking calls to you, do that. If being a good person and doing your job calls to you, do that. If confusion shows up, then stay present to that and feel it fully without pushing or pulling or trying to change it. “But I don’t have time to wait for it to go away. I have to make a decision now.” Feel the angst of that thought in the body. A thought like that will have an accompanying feeling in the body. So go to the sensation and stay with that.
You don't have to ask your mind for permission or interpretation. Just feel what's already felt. Feel what's already here. As much as possible, as much as you’re able, keep using your experience as the practice. Why look elsewhere? This is what’s showing up.

Daily practices that help and transform:
  • Take one good/full breath a day and then increase it incrementally. 
  • 1 min meditation: Take a minute a day, close your eyes, and think & do nothing except to feel of your breath around your nostrils. Increase & deepen as see fit. Breathe deeper to the back of your throat until you’re feeling nothing but the space behind you. (The most important part is that first minute. As long as you stick to that, doing more doesn’t matter)
  • For an overactive mind use Mantras: Use the word or a phrase that resonates with you and use it with breath. Examples: Breath in: Be love Breathe out: Be happy. Breathe in: Here Breathe out: Now Breathe in: Peace Breathe out: Love Breath in: Open Breathe out: Awareness

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