Sunday, March 21, 2010

Removing the Layers

Checking in...

This past week I've been removing layers off of my story. It's been all about rewriting. At first, I wanted to go forward and just finish the story, but felt the need to polish the pages I've already written. It proved to be necessary as all rewriting is. I did not always feel like working on the story, but I practiced surrendering to the "not wanting" and found that after a short while, I felt like writing again.

What do I really want?

I want to remove any emotional layers that are blocking the light from shining through. Every so often, I feel unease in my body whether it'd be about what I'm writing, what I should or shouldn't be doing, the unease lingers behind the curtain. I want to open the curtain and see what's there.

My intention this week is to observe any lingering emotional baggage.

How do I see myself without the emotional baggage?

I see myself at peace and free. I know that it's impossible to get rid of certain emotions, but it is possible to watch them and feel them pass through my body.

How does being free of emotional baggage align with the whole?

Any discomfort or unease causes unnecessary pain and resistance. By holding on to it, I create unnecessary illness in myself and unhappiness in others, even if I don't see the effects of what I'm doing or feeling directly.

Join in me in observing any emotional baggage that arises.

Thank you.

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