Saturday, March 6, 2010

I, The Open Vehicle

Checking in...

Being mindful of my thoughts this past week helped me realize that I am the vehicle through which action happens. Although, I've already known that, I've been able to feel it as well. I am still working on the story and am enjoying being the vehicle for it. Once in a while, my thoughts nag me on "what else I should be doing instead of what I'm doing?" So far, I've been able to let these thoughts pass.

What do I really want out of life?

I'm going to be coming back to that question every week. I want to be around more like-minded people. I want to be a part of a community that help me support my practices of staying present. So far, I signed up for Eckhart Tolle's Silent Group on Sunday evenings. There, we sit in silence for 15 minutes, then we watch one of his retreat talks, and we end with sitting silently for another 15 minutes. Although, there is no discussion going on, I'm enjoying just being around people who are practicing presence.

My intention this week is to be an open vehicle for attracting a like-minded community of people into my life.

Who do I really want to be as part of this community?

I want to be open to receiving new people. I want to break away from my comfort zone and put myself out there.

How does what I want align with the whole or you?

To me, this Blog is another way I'm building a community. Feel free to share and comment on here.

Join me in saying, "I am open to new encounters."

Thank you.

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