Sunday, June 13, 2010

Figment of my own imagination

"Our perception of the external world, and our relationship to it, is a product of our neurological circuitry. For all those years of my life, I really had been a figment of my own imagination." - Jill Bolte Taylor, My Stroke of Insight

Having read My Storke of Insight, reaffirmed my own insights about our fluid reality. We are all literally creating our realities every single moment. There is no out there. Doesn't that change everything? To me, it means that we cannot take anything that happens too seriously. However, knowing this truth intellectually is not enough. How do you come to a point of feeling it as your reality? Or for those of us who feel it intermittently, how do we hold on to the feeling? We can't. By letting it go each time is the only way anything can be held on to. If it sounds like a contradiction, it is. Everything in life and nature exists only because its opposite does too.

The question is: What do I want to do with this information? How do I want to create my life knowing that it is only a figment of my own imagination?

The only answer that's coming up is to follow my joy. Which is like, duh and then what? To me, it means making the impossible possible. There is nothing to fear, but fear itself is not just a saying, it's the truth. Resistance that comes up during the pursuit of my passion tells me that there are emotions I'm afraid to face. And knowing that, helps me face them. I'm realizing that what's hiding behind fear is excitement for being alive. All these years what I thought was fear was actually my inner child wanting to explore new things.

As adults we are afraid to look where we want to the most. That fear of the unknown is keeping us from reaching our soul's desires. But knowing that we are figments of our own imagination alleviates that fear for me. I'm not denying that physical reality does exist, but only to the extent as seen from the multi-layers of my mind. Once the layers are stripped, what's left is pure bliss for the breath that flows through my body and for all the little things I can do simply because I am alive.

So, how is life calling me to serve at this moment?

It's calling me to move, to meet new people, and to explore new places. For the past few months I've been enjoying being and now I'm ready to include doing to the being.

Join me in moving our bodies to the beat of our own unique heart.

Thank you!

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