Sunday, June 20, 2010

Investing in Life

Checking in...

Yesterday, my sister and I went apartment hunting and during our lunch break I received the following words: Write, create, do whatever you want. Don't think about the results or how it all fits together or what's a better path. You're young. Invest everything and let the pieces fall where they may.

To clarify, when I say that I "received," I'm talking about the words that spontaneously arise out of my consciousness. I try and pay attention to those. These words are also the answer to the question I've been asking for months, "What should I do? or How's life calling me to serve?"

I've been so consumed with getting it right or trying to pin point exactly what it is I'm meant to be doing that I keep missing the obvious, which is "don't worry about how it's all going to align or not and just do what comes in each given moment." I like to put answers to my questions in quotations. It differentiates my personality voice from my higher voice.

Also, when I received "invest everything," I'm not talking about investing all my money into a stock and seeing what happens (although, that could be part of it), but to me, it means to put whatever I can give out there and not hold back or pre-judge what the results of that would be. To me, it means to invest in Life and trust that it's delivering.

What's a better investment than the one in your own life? Who knows you better than Life? Who can align you to the most harmonious path better than Life itself? Life knows you. Life knows what's best for you. Life gave your body life. Life created you in the only way it could in order for you to experience life fully. Then, why do we no trust it all the time? And why do we ever doubt that it could do a better job providing us with the most fulfilling experience possible?

Please join me in investing our trust in Life.

Thank you!

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