Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tuning In

Checking in...

I like starting the posts with "checking in," because it sounds like "tuning in" or connecting to the all and everything. And it's true. Writing this blog is one of the ways that I check back into the present moment or tune in to Life.

Tuning in has been the main focus this past week. I've been reconnecting to "this is what I really WANT to be doing right now" versus "this is what I SHOULD be doing." I haven't been questioning why I would rather do this one thing versus another, I'm remembering to trust the process. How "this" is connected to "that" is none of my business until it becomes my business. It sure takes a load off when I'm no longer worried how what I'm doing or not doing is connected to my overall path. The saying "it's the journey, not the destination," is becoming more of the focus.

How's Life calling me to serve?

Yesterday, I had my first Reiki class. Reiki is the process of tuning to the source and allowing the source to guide you in healing yourself and others. During the session both my Reiki master, Patti Penn, and I noticed that I tend to get impatient. In the past, impatience drove me to make decisions that did not align with my higher good. In combination with my Reiki practice and the practice of living day-to-day, my intention is to watch for impatience if it arises. There is no point of fighting it because it's just going to come back ten-fold.

Join me in watching impatience as it arises and tuning in to the stillness behind impermanent states like impatience.

Thank you.

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