Sunday, July 11, 2010

The One Step

Checking in...

In the past week I've been falling into the anxiety trap. "There is too much to do. There is not enough to do. What should I do?" are some of the thoughts that have passed through the anxious mind. Although, I know that these thoughts are not me, but are the old conditioning of the mind (it can't help itself), I still fall into the "Oh, My God, what am I going to do!" hell. And it is never about what I'm doing or not doing, it is always about what inner baggage I'm bringing to the doing.

I am accepting my mind for what it is - a producer of old, useless thoughts - and am I also kindly letting it slide and coming back to the present moment. It's only ever this moment. It's only ever this one breath. It's only ever this one step.

Creating this one step is the only one we ever need to create. We were not built to worry about what all the steps in their entirety will produce. We were not built to take on more than we are capable of. We are more than capable of taking care of the ONE thing we can do right now. I know this sounds like common sense, but do we actually follow it on day-to-day basis? If we did, then Life would be effortless. It's easy when we don't add the imaginary mental steps on top of the one step we can take now.

What is the one thing I have to do now? I am typing these words right now. There is nothing else for me to do than to type one word after another. What's the point of worrying or even thinking about the results of these words when the only thing I am actually doing in the moment is typing. Of course, I am using my brain in order to write and come up with the words. But upon closer look, in the moment of action without the extraneous thoughts about what else I could be doing or what comes after writing this post, the words come out effortlessly and without worry unlike my other experiences with writing.

How's Life calling me to serve at this moment?

"At this moment" part is the crucial part of creation. It's the only part that matters. In this moment, I am doing the one thing and in the next moment I am again doing the ONE thing. It is never two things. Even during multi-tasking, it is always the one step I am taking in each given moment. And this one step reveals the next step and the next step and the next step and before I know it, the whole thing reveals itself to me - whatever it may be.

So, how's life really calling me to serve?

It's calling me to take this one step and it will do the rest.

Join me in taking the one step, the only step you will ever need to take.

Thank you!

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