Sunday, July 4, 2010

Do and Let Go

Checking in...

"The Master gives herself up to whatever the moment brings. She knows that she's going to die, and she has nothing left to hold on to: no illusions in her mind, no resistances in her body. She holds nothing back from life; therefore she's ready for death, as a man is ready for sleep after a good day's work." - Tao Te Ching

The one-hour non-resistance exercise has been working really well. Somehow knowing that an activity is just a meditation takes away the stress, the doubt, and any other resistance-type emotion and replaces it with aliveness and enjoyment. It doesn't even matter what it is that I'm doing, be it washing dishes or writing a novel, it's all one activity and if there is resistance, it's the same resistance I feel toward washing dishes that I do toward writing. Hence, what I do doesn't matter, it's how I do what I do makes all the difference.

How's life calling me to serve?

Do and let go. Letting go every step of the way is the true kind of doing. As the wise Lao-tzu points out there can't be illusions and resistances when one knows that she's going to die. And it's not meant to creep us out, but rather see life for what it is and not hold back. If not now, when? Do and let go. Do now and don't think about it later. "Did I do that right? I should've done it differently? What if this happens?" All the questioning and thinking about the result of action is not true action, but action based on fear and ego. The ego says, "what's the best thing can I do in order to make sure that I succeed?" The only true success is doing and letting go. Holding on to something that has no grasp is illusory and painful. However, creating something and releasing it is freeing and alive. When you know there is no need to grasp, then there is no fear.

Free the doing as you would a bird and let it fly free. See it flap its wings. Hear it chirp to the world, "wake up, you are already here."

Join me in doing and letting go of doing.

Thank you!

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