Thursday, July 15, 2010

Over-analysis Kills

An inner curiosity told me “watch the discovery channel.” I got all excited and my body moved me toward the remote control and then I stopped mid-way because my mind went, “Wait! Why do you wanna watch the discovery channel right now? Don’t you have better things to do? Shouldn’t you be writing instead of watching TV?” But it didn’t feel like one of those times when I wanted to veg out in front of the TV. It was a deeper curiosity. It was not even a thought, but more like a burp – involuntary gut reaction. It’s what some people would call intuitive guidance, which I completely missed because my mind came and began to question it. That said, I am letting go of missing the guidance because it will come again and is coming now.


We are being guided all the time, but keep missing it with over-analysis. Watching the discovery channel in that moment could have been the answer to a plot point I was looking for or whatever. No need to dwell in the past; however, it did give me a nudge to pay attention to intuitive signals without mentally raping them first, pardon the language.

Join me in following our higher intuitive power without killing it first by:

First - Listening... to our intuitive signals, which are any inkling of aliveness inside our body. It's when we suddenly feel more awake, energetic, or inspired toward something - even if it's sitting in the chair and watching the birds. It's nothing more or less than what feels good.

Second - Following it without questioning. By following it we are trusting Life to work through us and do what's best for us. If questions arise, it's best to set them aside by reminding ourselves, "It's just mental work in process. Nothing to panic about." The brain does its thing and Life does its thing. When we listen to our brain, we worry, which is always a good sign to watch out for. When we listen to Life, peace always accompanies it.

Third - Following what feels good, not what feels bad. Be mindful of opposing thought that give rise to the "yucky" feelings. We don't even need to know what the mind is doing because the body will tell us immediately. When I stopped myself from watching the discovery channel, my stomach churned. But be careful not to fall into the trap of "eating ice cream feels good right about now instead of hiking," because if we look closely we don't really want the ice cream, we just don't want to experience the emotions that lie underneath. Geneen Roth writes extensively on the subject of "it's never about the food" in her book Women, Food, and God.

Last, but not least - Enjoying the sweet fruits of living aligned with Life. We know it's Life and not us when peace and ease follows the intuitive guidance.

Thank you!

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  1. nice! i think i can manage this...i love Life!