Sunday, September 5, 2010

Heart Walking

When is the time to stay and when is the time to walk away?

Each person within each moment is unique. The way you feel about each person in each moment is unique. There is no set rule that when this happens, you should stay and take it, and when that happens, you should leave.

I was pulled to leave, but my mind told me "you're reacting and you should stay and see what you're reacting to."

You're going to act in accordance with how you're going to act in that moment. Once the action is taken, then there's momentum. If you've taken an action that's different from most other times in a similar situation, then the mind will come in and try and reconcile this difference. There's no use in trying not to have these thoughts, because they are a part of the momentum.

Then, I should just accept my actions and move on?

You shouldn't do anything. Just notice. By trying to accept your actions, you're putting on another blindfold. Acceptance and moving on is the natural result of letting it be. If you feel like you've done wrong, then be with that. If you feel like you're justified, then be with that. If thoughts are justifying, then let them be. If you feel like apologizing, then do that.

Wouldn't people continue hurting others if they think their actions have no consequences by letting it all be?

All actions have consequences and you let that be as well.

I don't know if I can let things be all the time.

And that too. :)


I had a situation arise with a person close to me. It wasn't really a situation as more of a typical action-reaction pattern that we've been involved in for years. Usually, I tend to act in a certain way, which involves, being there and taking it, no matter what. This time, I didn't stay and take it. I left. I didn't add any flowery words with my leaving. I just said that I was going and left. Then, the mind came in and tried to rationalize this difference in my behavior.

I went to the park and I just stayed with this inner conflict. I didn't do anything about it. I didn't try and rectify anything. I let it be. Something deeper within me told me that this is where I'm supposed to be.

We don't always trust that deeper knowing because of how the outer circumstances look. But if we stop and listen, then we can hear when we're being guided for our own interest at heart.

Join me in walking away when our heart is telling us to.

Thank you!

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